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  • My blog was hacked

    Posted on January 29th, 2012 Andreas Linder No comments

    Some of you may have noticed that digital-osmosis was down for 1-2 weeks after the new year.

    Well, I have no idea why anyone would want to hack my blog, but recently it happened. I got an email from my web hosting company stating that my website had been suspended due to a bruteforce attack on my wordpress blog. It has taken some time, but through back ups I have cleaned out the mess the hacker made and today my website was re-opened.

    So weird, I saw in the attacked files that the hacker injected a lot of encrypted code, but I have no idea what that code was actually meant to do. Too bad I didn’t save the code, in case any hacker/programmer out there would know what it was. Good thing my website was suspended so the code was not accessible for any of my readers.

    I guess it could have been a frustrated reader that wanted me to write more often.
    Fair enough… I will resume blogging this year, in fact I shall make it my new year resolution!

    See you soon again!

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