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  • Coming soon, yet another pain(t)ful event

    Posted on May 12th, 2009 Andreas Linder 1 comment

    It was a while ago we played paintball and we got the bruises we still remember. Still, the minute we brought up the subject of going back for another event, all my friends became very “kanchong” (Cantonese and means excited more or less).

    I guess that the adrenaline rush and the fun we have is more than enough to forget the pain, exhaustion and dehydration it causes. Anyway… 23rd of May is the date of the event. This time we will have a dedicated photographer with us, so hopefully I have even better pictures to post compared to last time.

    This time I’m the one organizing the event, a task easier said then done. In the very beginning it was supposed to be a dual event with both Swedes and local Malaysians to make a bigger team than last time. I’m ashamed to say that the Malaysians were much better at answering our call to arms. At this moment we have 22 confirmed players, of which only 4 happen to be Swedes. I was hoping it would be more equally balanced, but my local friends were much faster and more eager to join. Anyway, it’s a great success considering that last time we were 14 players in total.

    Can’t wait to get into the heat of battle again đŸ˜€


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