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  • An auspicious day to start work

    Posted on January 31st, 2012 Andreas Linder 2 comments

    Today is a an auspicious day to start work… according to the Feng Shui masters.

    With Chinese new year comes a lot of traditions, many of them being ways for a person to maximize their good luck and prosperity for the new year. 2012 is the year of the dragon, and for me being born in the year of the tiger there are calculations based on the Chinese zodiac on what is lucky for me.

    Apparently the 30th of January is the very best day for me to start work in this new dragon year. Some companies even open up according to what is the best and luckiest day for their business as predicted by a Feng Shui master, I kid you not So, as you can see I donned a lucky Chinese costume for work. Red is the color symbolizing prosperity and it’s also one of the lucky colors this year.
    There are even charts for people born in the different zodiac years on what colors to wear to maximize their luck. This year I wasn’t able to find any chart so I based my choice on general recommendations.

    So now I have many months of good luck to look forward to. Being a tiger is not bad after all. :)

    2012 is the year of the black water dragon, if you want the specifics 😀

    I’ll keep you posted on my supposedly lucky progress this year. Most importantly I’m keeping to my new years resolution to blog more, so until next time… Cheers!



    2 responses to “An auspicious day to start work”

    1. I guess it could have been a frustrated reader that wanted me to write more often.
      Fair enough… I will resume blogging this year, in fact I shall make it my new year resolution

      Hoppas att detta gäller fortfarande? 😉

      Kul att läsa lite.
      Är själv påväg till Kuala lumpur och har endel frågor som skulle vara intressant att prata om

      Kontakta mig gärna på min mail om du har tid och lust.

      vänliga hälsningar

    2. Ouch, den sved 😀

      Till mitt försvar har jag en massa drafts men det svåra är bara att slutföra dem.

      Kul att du är på väg hit, jag såg ditt mail, så jag svarar på dina frågor den vägen :)


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