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  • A pain(t)ful Saturday @ Tanamera paintball park

    Posted on May 26th, 2009 Andreas Linder 11 comments
    Steven and Jonas on a call of duty

    Steven and Jonas on a call of duty

    And so the big day came, that so many of us have waited for, for so long. Yet again we awoke too early for a Saturday morning and went sleepily to Tanamera paintball park in Sungai Buloh about 30 minutes drive from IKEA. At 0900 hours we arrived and yet again we were the first people to arrive on the scene. This time we managed to get together a group of 24 players, quite a crowd compared to last time. We even got our own war correspondent, my fiancee Zel :) Thanks to her we got over 170 pictures of our little adventure, and 2 movies to go with it. Most of you probably think, enough talk oredi, show us the pictures, so here is the entire gallery of 170 pics and the rest of the story is below. Enjoy 😉

    Most of players even wrote a short introduction on themselves. Such dedication cannot go unrewarded, so I’ve decided to publish them here for anyone who might have missed it.

    Team Alpha

    1. Steven
    2. Michael – Journalist with the Star. Actually WENT to Pixar Animation Studios. (MUAHAHA ANDREAS) Made the mistake of wearing BRIGHT BLUE the last time, resulting in him sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of the jungle and getting shot all the time. Signature move: Flinging himself behind snakes and shooting people in the armpit.
    3. Lance – IT biz owner in Mont Kiara. Melissa’s other half (aww shucks, she’s on my team….I hope I don’t get hit by friendly fire). Had fun rolling and crawling on all fours during the last trip out.  Looking forward to charge down the bunker again….awesomeness coz both my staff members are opposite me.  Least they could do is keel over with their hands over their heads else they won’t get paid end of the month…. Lol
    4. Darren – Newbie. Another Engineer. Needs the rush to inflict pain. Been given instructions to shot-to-bruise. You know who you are.
    5. Ryan
    6. Melissa – Kindergarten teacher. HAHAHAHAHA….. Lance’s other half. Am petite. Can be an easy target. Aiseh… so don’t simply shoot me lahhhh..
    7. Jo-Ann – my fourth game to be exact. Last meet, I came out with a shiner on my thigh, compliments of Tang. Since the ballot swings in my favour, I will have to return that favour – she’ll be my focus target this round. I have quite a good aim, ie if I can hide from my VCD selling hair…nonetheless, I wanna try to shoot Jonas since I was told he’s another hunter in the field, and he’s a 6-footer. No way he can hide behind those snakes unnoticed.
    8. Adrian – a.k.a Kaiser. Just a small time staff in SAS Malaysia. A hardcore gamer in shooter games and arcade. Played for E-sports tournaments and likes to ambush and flank enemies to corners. Objectives : They won’t see whats coming at them~ imma GHOST.
    9. Tomas
    10. Andreas – One of the Kwai Lo players, from Sweden . Got a hunting license, but got no trophies on my wall to show, probably cuz I’m a crappy hunter. Love Pixar movies… or animation in general. Working as a branding manager, although last game I got pretty branded myself.
    11. Pan Ju Yit
    12. Zee

    Team Bravo

    1. Ch’ng
    2. Jonas
    3. Renita – I am retarded. Please be kind to me.
    4. Anja
    5. Tang – Your target…the walking orange on the field, easy to aim, easy to shot…even the same team member is so attempted to shot me. JAL, God said we must balance our life, so i will aim your left thigh this round
    6. David – Oh god y’all talk like pros using all these crazy jargon and all. I think I should pull out now to avoid dying before my time comes! Working at Nuffnang, blog advertising company. 1st time to paintball. Don’t know how a gun looks like. See you all Saturday!
    7. Kew
    8. Danny – After the previous round, is now more experienced & better prepared but the crazy streak is always there. So be prepared to see me charging down in suicide-bomber style popping pellets on everything that moves! (finger twitching adi. can’t wait)
    9. Henry –Yea, the IT support staff. Prolly bound to make some enemies this time round. Love to join Tang to counter Jo-Ann’s thigh. To Adrian, to bad u r nt on my side, i guess that makes u my 2nd target but I do hope u switch over, teammate are forever. And HI BOSS, please dun show mercy on me like you always did, FIRE ME with all your ammo, COLOR me with your paintball, we are players too. p.s here’s something to make u shoot me, rmb how i kacau your fridge door? LOL! I has Friendly Fire enabled. TM : No plan, Only objectives.
    10. Ron – Yet, another IT guy who works for Lance, new to paintball and hoping for mercy. However , firing at the opposite team is my objective.
    11. Vincent – Mechanical Engineer, works in a crappy Hicktown called Gebeng (feel free to play with Google Map). Loved the snakes from the last session, remember winning that war, much wiser this time around (no more wearing beige coloured cargo pants!)
    12. Ben

    To summarize, I think it’s safe to say that most of us had a blast, literally. Some got bruised more than others, but I think it’s safe to say that all players had their moments. Jo-Ann got her sweet revenge. Tang went on a killing spree as always. Me (Andreas ) and Danny got to play with our new toys. Darren got the coolest war wound to brag about. All players are worth mentioning, but if I do that, then this post will never be published and I know some people are really itching to see the cool pictures that Zel took.

    So, until next time… may the force be with you!



    11 responses to “A pain(t)ful Saturday @ Tanamera paintball park”

    1. HAHA !!! i have been waiting for the pictures soooo loong !!!

      Thanks and Good Job everyone !!!It was a very PAINtball experience for first timer myself.


    2. btw, wheres the 2 movies ? LOL

    3. Uhm, need to edit the movies a bit first. The smallest one is around 50 Mb, but the good one is close to 200 Mb 😛 I’ll let you guys know once it’s done and they are published :)

    4. Wow… Amazing!! Thanks Zel for risking her life @ the field to capture those momEntS. PAINtball roXxX!

    5. Hey have you guys visit the Tri-agra shop where the marshall recomended for a very good price PB gears?

      I just went there yesterday. Here’s the address for those looking for PB gears, as the Marshall says, its SUPER CHEAP and lots of choices!!! Got myself a PB Mask for RM180 only.

      Tri-Agra Trading, Chow Kit, 3, Lorong Haji Taib 2, Off Jalan Raja Laut.

    6. OK, cool…
      They got branded stuff like the other PB outlets?

    7. Nope…. mostly are the gears are more towards the Airguns players. SWAT full suits …. army commandos … u name it…Well, about the branded stuff i not sure.

      But the basic gears like camos suits, arm & leg pad protector, vest , boots they have it there that can be used for PB.

    8. da best. Keep it going! Thank you

    9. Toppenblogg detta. Skall bokmärkas! :)

    10. Just want to say this blog is kinda awesome. I always like to learn something new about adrenaline sports. Thanks for sharing so much in your blog.. Greets, Kareen Rigoni

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